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Demonstration experiment of destructive interference of two indistinguishable photons on a beam splitter.

qutools’ qu2PI is an education-oriented setup to explore a purely quantum mechanical phenomenon: destructive interference of two indistinguishable photons at a non-polarizing beam-splitter. This effect is often referred to as Hong-Ou-Mandel interference. The setup can be used with qutools’ quED or similar photon pair sources.

The fiber-based system is manually driven and because it employs a polarization-maintaining fiber coupler, it is very easy to operate. Using the linear translation stage integrated into one of the interferometer arms, one can tune the relative arrival time of the two photons at the beam-splitter with femto-second precision and thus record the interference pattern.

Key Features

  • Hands-on study of a purely quantum effect
  • Compact design, user-friendly operation
  • To be used with suitable photon pair sources like qutools’ quED

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