Data Fields
TDC_HbtFunction Struct Reference

Correlation Function or g(2) Function. More...

#include <tdchbt.h>

Data Fields

Int32 capacity
 Array size of values.
Int32 size
 Number of valid items in values.
Int32 binWidth
 Size of a t step in TDC time units.
Int32 indexOffset
 Index for element of values that represents t=0.
double values [1]
 Array of function values.

Detailed Description

Correlation Function or g(2) Function.

The struct transports the representation of a correlation function or g(2) function. Values is an array of capacity elements that contiains size function values, each representing a time diff range of binWidth TDC time units (see TDC_setHbtParams).

In correlation functions, size equals binCount and the first value belongs to the argument 0. In the g(2) function, size is 2*binCount-1, and the first value belongs to -binWidth*binCount. The field indexOffset marks the position of the argument 0 in values.

When using the struct to retrieve a function, the capacity must always be sufficient for the expected size; ohterways error TDC_OutOfRange will be returned. It is recommended to create the struct using TDC_createHbtFunction after the last call of TDC_setHbtParams.

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