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The Queen of Sh*tty Robots

Last week we watched a very advanced robot from Boston Mechanics. Built by money of DARPA, btw. This time we meet the brain behind some robots that are a little over the top. But, to be honest, are more likely to reflect my experiences so far. Many of Simone Giertz’ […]

Spooky Action At A Distance

In his book “Spooky Action at a distance” George Musser does a good job in explaining quantum physics. And he continues to do so on his website In his latest article he explains “How Are Entangled Particles Created“. And this video helps a lot in doing so: And don’t […]

Robots: Don’t annoy them!

Well, this is really amazing. But I’m feeling insecure when the developer annoys the robot in the middle of that video. Me and my friend John Connor share the same opinion: Scientific progress has gone too far! Shut it all down! Now!¬†ūüėČ And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter […]

Gravitational buzz waves

Yesterday the news travelled around the world, faster than light: Finally the gravitational waves have been detected! And one day later you will¬†find hundreds of¬†articles and videos explaining what the buzz is about. But the best source maybe the website of LIGO itself, which you can find here. This article […]

Anyone Can Quantum!

Not everybody has seen the movie “Ant-Man” from 2015. It was one of the lesser recognized features of the new Marvel Cinematics Universe. But it was solid work, sometimes funny and… rather unscientific. We could watch Paul Rudd shrink to sub-quantum-size. Yeah, I said it. Sub-Quantum-Size. Eat that, Heisenberg! Thanks […]

Quantum & Pixels

It’s more than true: Quantum physics can ruin a good night’s sleep. It can be… disturbing, to say the least. French comic artist Boulet dreams himself into a world of pixels, just to get rid of the wave-particle duality. But the problems stay the same… Read the whole story here. […]

Scientists at the LHC are bored

And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter here. quoolnews. Once a month.¬†Now that the God-damned-particle seems to be¬†found it is even more difficult to explain the use of the Large¬†Hadron Collider to non-scientists. The flipside of good marketing, I guess. It did take the writers of “The Onion” to […]