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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? A recommendation

Karma dog from qutools

Hi, it’s me, Karma, a polite and happy lady Labrador. My owner is also the founder of qutools and well, he has some serious quantum business going on. Lately, he has been reading a book to me where a physicist named Chad explains quantum physics to his dog. It seems […]

Silicon is out – Quantum is in

Quanten-Computer qutools Logo

We are all familiar with the term „Silicon Valley“. A hub of IT, hightech and innovation in general, located at the San Francisco Bay Area. How lucky for us at qutools that we won’t have to travel that far anymore to feel the buzzing vibe of creative minds shaping everyones‘ […]

A quantum of knowledge

qutools Quanten Visualisierung

Where does the word “Quantum” derive from? A not so scientifically correct search. We here at qutools use the word „Quantum“ quite a (qu)bit. And it is not only us – quantumphysics and -mechanics are starting to become part of the mainstream’s vocabulary. But where does the term „Quantum“ actually […]

Quantum safety made in Germany – Launch of industrial alliance

First released by DIVQSec, translated from German. German industry association for quantum security (DIVQSec) founded with the goal of promoting industrially usable solutions for quantum secure communication and cryptography through national value chains and thereby ensuring technological sovereignty The cryptographic protection of Germany’s critical infrastructure, sensitive data in companies or […]

RoFL – a cooperation of Technical University of Deggendorf and qutools

Cost-effective and accurate measurement of free-form lenses First released by THD Press Office, translated from German The RoFL research project focuses on increased measuring accuracy in robots. Photo: P. Bachhuber – Medienstürmer The Technology Campus Teisnach Optics of the Technical University of Deggendorf (THD) is known far beyond the borders […]

Video clips for quantum physics experiments

Explanatory video clips In the recent days, we recorded some videos explaining the two quantum physics science kits quED and Quantenkoffer. This also includes a step by step adjustment process for the heralded single photon source. You can have a look on YouTube. SPDC source The photon source of our […]

Playing xylophone by 3D laser tracking

3D laser tracking on passive sphere At the LASER World of PHOTONICS in June 2019, qutools presented its laser tracking system based on the interferometer quDIS. Playing the xylophone The tracking unit traced a reflecting sphere and measured the distance interferometrically. The sphere was mounted on a stick to use […]

What do you write songs about?

We at qutools are huge Feynman fans. His contributions to physics (OK, they are a little too evolved for me to judge) were special enough to win him a Nobel Prize. He apparently also contributed quite significantly in finding the reason for the Challenger catastrophe. But on top of all […]

Escape the lab

At the APS March Meeting in Boston, Paul Kwiat and his crew had set up their “LabEscape“. It is a science (mainly physics) based escape room. Katya (Quantum Design) and Henning (qutools) teamed up with two other APS meeting participants to solve numerous puzzles and help the famous researcher Professor […]

DPG meetings in Berlin and Erlangen – quRace statistics

Last month at the DPG meetings in Erlangen and Berlin, our quTAG measured the time of the laps in our Slot Car race. In total, we had 5140 laps from 248 players – we had a lot of fun and I hope you had as well! Congratulations to “Martin H.” […]