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Source of polarization entangled photon pairs ready for violation of Bell’s inequality.


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qutools’ quED is a state-of-the-art physics experiment for the generation and analysis of polarization-entangled photon pairs. Its design combines recent achievements of quantum optics technology into an easy-to-use system for academic, research and applied purposes.
The setup is perfectly suited to practically demonstrate the physics of entanglement in student lab courses at colleges and universities. The high performance of quED also enables its integration into modern scientific experiments and commercial applications.

The heart of the system employs a spontaneous parametric down conversion process to generate polarization entangled photon pairs. Fiber coupled single photon detectors in connection with polarizing filters are used to detect the photon pairs, analyze their polarization and verify their non-classical correlations. A counter and coincidence detection unit registers single and pair events and displays the corresponding counting rates on a well readable display.

Key Features

  • Hands-on study of quantum entanglement
  • Compact design, user-friendly operation
  • Complete system: Ready to violate Bell’s inequalities
  • High performance: Entanglement verification in only a few seconds
  • Optional: Custom configuration that is ideally suited for specific applications


  • Student lab course experiments, for example:
  • Preparation/ analysis of distinct entangled states, violation of Bell’s inequalities
  • Quantum state tomography
  • Single photon experiments (e.g. single photon interference, quantum eraser)
  • Two-photon interference (Hong-Ou-Mandel) experiment with add-on qu2PI

System Includes

  • Source of fiber-coupled polarization-entangled photon pairs
  • Two silicon photodiode avalanche detectors
  • Alignment help utilities including auxiliary low-power laser module
  • Three-channel counter with integrated coincidence logic unit
  • Control and read-out unit


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